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About the Simple Hope Foundation

Simple Hope is an organization that was founded after the tragic death of Andrea Giattino, the victim of a drunk driving incident. Our organization works towards the prevention of injuries and death due to driving while intoxicated. We, as an organization, believe in shifting the paradigm of drinking behavior towards more reasonable and educated choices by starting the conversation when it matters most (when people actually have a drink in their hand).

A Solvable Problem

Most drunk drivers who kill are first-time offenders with a Breath Alcohol Content (BAC) between 0.08 and 0.14. They’re not falling down drunk when they get into their cars. They’re just impaired – and they don’t know it.

The Simple Hope Foundation wants to shift the paradigm by creating a social change in the way people think and act when drinking and before driving – not by proselytizing, but by giving people the tools they need to avoid a tragedy.

By setting up a network of Breathalyzer kiosks in your community in places like catering halls, bars, and restaurants, we can work together to better understand how impaired they really are before driving. Driving without knowing one’s BAC is a risky gamble – with potentially fatal consequences.


Helping the Community

By Sponsoring a kiosk, your organization will be directly helping the community. More people will be able to make well-informed choices about their ability to drive, helping to avoid the countless accidents that occur each year from drunk driving.

Most kiosks require the user to pay in order to cover the costs of maintenance and materials. We’re seeking to make these machines free for the user and free for the hosting establishment through sponsorship and on-screen ad sales. Sponsoring a kiosk will help us build a network.

“You wouldn’t get into a car without a speedometer. Why drive without knowing your BAC?

How you can help:

  1. Help sponsor a machine: The upfront cost for a machine is $3,000. Stands are $350 if the machine isn’t mounted to the wall.
  2. Help place machines: Help with identifying places in your community you have a pre-existing relationship with or who are willing to listen to a pitch from us in key locations to place a kiosk.
  3. Help sell ads on the screen: On-screen ads will allow the kiosk to become self-sustaining in key locations.